4 projects

business / individual

1,200+ hours

Learning programming

3 years

Experience of finance(IBD)


  • Concept : Visualize a foreign menu

  • Mission : Eat like the local

"Miru" is the greatest app that visualize menus without translation. Miru helps every people to imagine meals in the restaurant overseas. We got motivated by the wish that everyone can decide what to order the same way as they do in their local country. Eat like the local.

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  • Concept : Monitor your client

  • Mission : Feel safe to make business transactions

"Alarmbox" monitors information that might affect short-term credit of companies. You will no longer need to check by yourself everyday if there is any press release or bad rumor about your business clients. Alarmbox inform you of such information when it appears, making you feel safe to focus on building new business.

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  • Concept : Publish a short book

  • Mission : Marketplace for publishing

"lyfr" offers the marketplace between writers and readers. This enables especially for writers to publish their short story with ease.

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  • Concept : Write a recipe

  • Mission : Make more fun about cocktails

"Barful-life" is created for all cocktail lovers. Add your favorite cocktail and enjoy your own cocktail book. It is always a pleasure to collect colorful things.

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